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Summer, Kimble County, Parks

Summer, Kimble County, 16x20, $3,990

Oak and Shadows, Pruitt

Oak and Shadows 12 x 16 $1155

SOLD Last light at Grand Canyon, Pruitt

Last light at Grand Canyon 9 x 12 oil $630

Ranch Country, Brewster Co, Parks

Ranch Country, Brewster Co.,20x30, $5145

West Texas Sand Hills, Pruitt

West Texas Sand Hills 9 x 12 oil $630

SOLD Apples and Roses, Rasmussen

Apples and Roses 18x24 oil $1680

Sunset Over the Llano, Parks

Sunset Over the Llano, 24x18, $4100

Las Golondrinas, NM, Parks

Las Golondrinas, NM, 8x10, $788

SOLD Color has Fun, Rasmussen

Color has Fun 12 x 16 oil $1040

Wonderful, Rasmussen

Wonderfull 12 x 16 oil $1025

SOLD 200 year old Oak, Pruitt

200 year old Oak 12x16 oil $1155

SOLD Oak Tree on Willow City Loop, Pruitt

Oak Tree on Willow City Loop 12x16 oil $1155

The Crossing, Pruitt

The Crossing 12 x 16 oil $1155

SOLD Red Oak Tree, Pruitt

Red Oak Tree 12 x 12 oil $788

Fun at the Beach, Rasmussen

Fun at the Beach 11 X 14 oil $1000

New Mexico Chamisa, Pruitt

New Mexico Chamisa 12 x12 oil $788

SOLD Briley’s Hen House, Pruitt

Briley's Hen House 12x 16 $1155

First Snow, Pruitt

First Snow 12 x12 oil $788

Only In West Texas, Parks

Only In West Texas, 24x30, $8,400

Barn & Bluebonnets, Parks

Barn & Bluebonnets, 12x16, $2,950

Pine Tree and Snow, Pruitt

Pine Tree and Snow 12 x 16 oil $1200

Mountain Ranch, Rasmussen

Mountain Ranch 12 x 16 oil $1030

Geraniums and Neighbor, Rasmussen

Geraniums and Neighbor 18 x 24 oil $1680

Drought at Double Mtn, Parks

Drought at Double Mtn., 18x24, $3,255

Alice Lake, Idaho, Pruitt

Alice Lake, Idaho 24 x30 oil $4200

Mountain Stream and Snow, Pruitt

Mountain Stream and Snow 12 x 16 oil $1155

Mesquite and Bluebonnets, Pruitt

Mesquite and Bluebonnets 12 x 16 $1155

His Royal Highness, Rasmussen

His Royal Highness 12 x 16 oil $1025

SOLD Sunset on Lily Pads, Pruitt

Sunset on Lily Pads 12 x 16 oil $1155

Days End, Hill Country, Parks

Days End, Hill Country, 30x40, $7,875

Lake in the Rockies, Parks

Lake in the Rockies, 18x24, $3,675

SOLD Midland, Parks

Midland, 24x18, $4100

Mail Box, McCulloch Co, Parks

Mail Box, McCulloch Co., 9x12, $840

SOLD The Old Barn, Parks

The Old Barn, 6x8, $788

SOLD Storm is on the Way, Rasmussen

Storm is on the Way 12 x 16 oil $1000

Early Light Big Bend, Parks

Early Light Big Bend, 16x20, $3,255

SOLD First Light on the Chisos, Big Bend, Parks

First Light on the Chisos, 16x20, $3,255

Setting Sun Hill Country, Parks

Setting Sun Hill Country, 18x24, $4100

Rocks Under Water, Pruitt

Rocks Under Water 12 x 12 oil $788

SOLD Ruidoso Apple Trees, Pruitt

Ruidoso Apple Trees 11x 14 $895
Three Chickens 11 x 14 oil $975

Three Chickens, Rasmussen

Three Chickens, 11 x 14 oil, $1030

SOLD Evening Cloud, Parks

Evening Cloud, 12x16, $1475

Granite outcrop, Pruitt

Granite outcrop 9x12 $630

Cottonwood Tree, Pruitt

Cottonwood Tree 18 x 24 oil $2300

Near London Kimble County, Parks

Near London Kimble County, 16x12, $1,470

Looking Good, Rasmussen

Looking Good 16 x 20 oil $1260

SOLD Fall Colors, Pruitt

Fall Colors 12 x 16 $1155

SOLD A Road to Marathon, Parks

A Road to Marathon, 18x24, $3,800

SOLD South Concho River, Pruitt

South Concho River 12x12 oil $680

SOLD Gillespie Co. Creek, Parks

Gillespie Co. Creek, 9x12, $1100

Very Few Neighbors, Parks

Very Few Neighbors, 24x30, $5,670

Tlaquepaque, Pruitt

Tlaquepaque 18 x 24 oil $3150