Don Parks

don parks

Don Parks

Don L. Parks is a professional artist who strives to capture on canvas God's creation.   Raised in Seymour, Texas, he spent his summers working on a farm where he observed nature (his chosen art subject matter). His background includes the U.S. Air Force, agricultural economist, trust banker, artist. Don has B.S. and M.S. degrees from Texas Tech. While a student at Tech, he discovered art books in the library and was inspired to begin painting. He was a watercolor artist for 15 years until 1985, when he switched to oil painting.  He has been painting full time since 2004.

Don paints in a slightly impressionist style, using a simple execution frequently done on location.  He believes painting outside is where an artist learns to see color in the landscape.  For almost 35 years, he has painted smaller paintings in “plein air” and has done hundreds of these small field studies on location (ranging from Nantucket Island off the east coast to Catalina Island off the west coast).  These studies are used as a “reference library” for proper color in large paintings done in the studio.  His subject matter is now predominately the southwestern United States.  His observations and technique produce art that allows others to enjoy glimpses of our world.

Some artists under whom Don has studied include James Boren, Ted Goeschner, William Earle, Ovanes Berberian, Clyde Aspevig, Matt Smith and Scott Christensen. 

Don is appreciative of how Minda, his wife of 55 years, has supported his art endeavors.  Don and Minda have two grown children, Charla and Brint, and four grandchildren.

     “I am very blessed that I have the opportunity to enjoy God’s creation through painting.  I hope that I may share some of that beauty through my art. Life for this artist is a ‘blast’”.   D.L.P.